AMC Maps

Appalachian Mountain Club | 2016–2019

Working on maps scratches the part of my brain that loved the logic section of the GRE. Things to think about: what regions we want to show (where does a map stop?); how to represent those areas (unmistakeable color coding); what hikers and paddlers and skiers need to know (and also what we want them to know; e.g. proper preparation, conservation ethics, recommended routes); how one decision affects the next; and how critical consistency is—until there’s a good reason to break it. I was extremely lucky to work with AMC’s longtime cartographer, Larry Garland, in mulling these questions, and I hope our collaboration makes for better, more intuitive, more user-friendly maps that raise the bar. Trivia: Did you know a map cover is called a “frontis”? You’re welcome! Pick them up in the online store.


sample map copy