Let’s work together! I’m available on a freelance basis for the projects and services listed below, all of which fall squarely within my wheelhouse—meaning you won’t be my first rodeo/guinea pig/insert your own vaguely terrifying metaphor here. 


  • Multiplatform digital content: websites, newsletters, you name it
  • Social media & audience engagement
  • OG print media: magazines, journals, books, maps


  • Reporting for news outlets
  • Copywriting for nonprofits & small businesses
  • Content strategizing: Do you even need a website? To discuss.
  • SEO analysis and production: For numero uno search returns
  • Social media: Creating, growing, measuring, iterating, creating community
  • Humanity: Moral support, bad puns, working walks, saying gesundheit
  • Soup to nuts editing: See below


  • Acquisitions editing, AKA recruiting writers & projects: What stories do we want to tell? Who’s going to tell them for us? Have they started reporting, or are they binging on Lupin? Do they need help batting around ideas, finding potential sources, sticking to deadlines?
  • Structural/developmental editing, AKA asking the big-picture questions: Is this a story idea or is it a ramble? Where’s the nut graf? What’s the lede? How is this news? Has someone else already written this? Is anyone going to care about this? WHY?
  • Copyediting, AKA policing the writing and being a total nerd: Does this source have a first name? Why are we spelling repellant/ent two different ways? What’s the antecedent? Are we friends with the Oxford comma?
  • Proofreading, AKA making sure everything that was supposed to get done in the last revision got done, without introducing new errors: Where did this mystery line break come from? What’s this TK still doing here? Does this link work? Are you sure it’s called the American Kennel Association?
  • Top-level editing, AKA if structural editing and proofreading had a baby: Why is this photo of the wrong person? Does this concluding sentence have enough PUNCH? Are we going to get sued?